Sunday, 13 July 2008


Since this got featured i feel i better make another update,

I have in fact managed to aqquire a strinking amount of blue and gold brand beverage, [I know i know... but its cheap! ] So this would appear to be back on,

An update for the mean time, I have been trying to stick to the diet as much as possible, replacing meals with beer and the like, and overall, It doesnt seem to be much of a problem,

But the situation has been dealt another blow by being relieved of my job on friday...

Currently as my only supplies consist of A fridge full of fosters, it looks like the diest is still on,



Wednesday, 9 July 2008

An announcement.

I've had to think about this for a fair while, but Unfortunately now, i am putting the diet plan on hold.

Possibly only for a week, but still.

I wish i didnt have to, i was starting to enjoy it, but monetary issues arose, and yeah unfortunately, i have to get these dealt with, but next week... we shall see....

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Day 2

Well i'm now officially 24 hours in.

Alcohol is having not th desired effect.

I'm neither fufilled or drunk.

But i am incredibly hungry. Guinness appears to be a lie.

I will need more supplies soon, but there is a banquet on wednesday, huzzah! who needs food with that much alcohol... We'll see.


On a side note, if you wake up not feeling to great, NEVER drink Guinness, just take my word for it, its not worth it....

Monday, 7 July 2008

Huzzah! For The internets!

I have been set a challenge... This challenge is to consume a diet of only alcohol and see how it affects, and the calories needed to fufill a person... and i quote
"* THE BOOZE PLAN DIET - 2 small bottles of beer for breakfast, vodka and tomato for lunch and a magnum champagne for dinner. How much alcohol should we drink to get our full 2200 calories per day?"
I have 2 full days to complete this, as i'm working the others, but i will have to see how it goes....
Upates to follow....
Upon my first shopping trip for this, i found the loacl off licence to be closed...
So a 10 second walk later i found myself at our local shops... And this is the purchase for this evenings food, and tomorrows breakfast.

Guinness as a main meal and breakfast. The myths about its calorie content lead me to believe this would be a firm choice. despite a recent course telling me different. [Apparently for a full days worth of iron, You would need to consume 42 pints. That my friends is a different challenge.]
And Fruit cider. because well, i have a band practice tonight, and people normally have fruit when they are on the fly, So naturally a fruit based drink is of choice...
for now, Adieu...